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CLUB OFFICIALS Club Rules/Regulations/Terms & Conditions - Box Hill SC.


Chair CHARLES E MANN chair@boxhillswimteam.com
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BEN HICKFORD treasurer@boxhillswimteam.com
Welfare officer
ÁSDÍS EVA CAWLEY asdis@boxhillswimteam.com
Technical officer
TRACEY ROGERS traceyrogers100@gmail.com
Head Coach
CONRAD CAWLEY conrad@boxhillswimteam.com

Club Rules/Regulations/Terms & Conditions 
Box Hill SC take the utmost care with each swimmer/parent and any other person(s) wishing to spectate.  
Care and attention is always required within the pool and surrounding areas as any body of water has obvious inherent risks including, and not limited to, drowning. 

Neither Box Hill SC, Box Hill Swim Team, Swim Kids, Swim Academy, Swim Active and Swim Babies, its employees or instructors accept any responsibility for any death, injury or loss suffered nor damage to any part of the swimming pool or centre, car park or any adjoining lands, buildings or boundaries caused by you, your child, or those in whose care you have placed your child, whether attending or observing any of our sessions. 
Whilst we give our up most service to all our swimmers and work hard to give every swimmer our fullest attention, progression is not linear and not guaranteed. 

Box Hill SC does not accept liability for the loss of or damage to any personal effects brought by a swimmer to any session. You are therefore requested to ensure that no valuable items are brought to swimming lessons.
Please note that we require a term’s written notice should you wish to discontinue taking lessons with us.

Missed lessons and/or training sessions are non-refundable.

Box Hill SC require a term’s written notice should you wish to discontinue taking lessons with us.

Missed lessons and/or training sessions are non-refundable.
Lessons and/or training sessions lost due to extreme weather conditions resulting in road or facility closure are not transferable.
Lessons lost due to facility closure for whatever reason are not transferable.
Credit against the following term will be given except when an alternative venue/day/time has been offered during the current term.

Credits cannot be exchanged for funds and are non-transferable.

Outdoor shoes must be removed at all venues. No food to be consumed on poolside or changing rooms.
Box Hill swim hats (only) to be worn by all swimmers at all times.
Children are not permitted to change on poolside before or after lessons.

Correspondence -Club correspondence is done electronically through email and the club website.
It is therefore imperative that you carefully read any emails you get from me and pass this information on to your child or children.
A weekly update (Club News) is published each Sunday and sent to you by email.
This information should be read, and any relevant information passed on to the swimmer(s).
Competition – Box Hill Swimmers are actively encouraged to enter designated competitions when they become available. Box Hill Swimmers/Parents may not enter any external meets outside of the club designated calendar of meets as published on the Club website. Box Hill Swimmers/Parents using the Club name (in any form) to enter competition (or any other public event) without prior permission may face suspension.

It is a requirement of all meets that all clubs entering swimmers provide technical officials (timekeepers/judges). 
Parents must be available to help at all meets in which their child is swimming. Box Hill is a competitive swimming club and are looking for children who want to swim competitively and whose family are prepared to accept the commitment.
We very much appreciate parents, and guardians, who are happy to help out at galas and participate, on a voluntary basis, in the running of the club.
Open meets are open for anyone from the club to swim at according to their age group.  Online entry forms will be made available on the website. 
Some meets have consideration times meaning that the swimmer has to have a time faster than the consideration time in order to qualify for the meet. The Director of Swimming will invite eligible swimmers to compete at the meet and an entry form will be provided online.
The Squad Coach will provide advice on which swims to target if a swimmer has several event options.

Club Kit at meets
All swimmers are reminded that Box Hill Club Kit should be worn at all times when attending any competition.
This means from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave the building.
All Box Hill Swim Team members should have a poolside top or hoody. It is advised that you have your name on all pieces of kit.

Training Fees - Training fees are payable at the start of every calendar month by Standing Order.  
Payment must be received by our bank at the start of each month that you remain a member.
There is not an option for stopping or reducing payments during holiday periods or absence due to injury or illness.
Written notice period of one calendar month is required if resigning.
Missed sessions or sessions lost due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, road or facility closure are not transferable.
maximum 3 months training fees will be refunded in the event of overpayments from the date (plus one month) of resigning.

Holiday training - (TICK-OVER) is reduced to 2 sessions weekly. 
Times/Venues may vary – Always check the Planner.
Before leaving home, you should always check the Planner on the Club website as session times are subject to change.

Re-joining Fee - A re-joining fee of £90 per swimmer or two month’s fees – whichever is greater. 
The re-joining fee will be applied to any swimmer who ‘leaves’ and returns and is applicable across all squads. 
Swimmers will not be allowed to re-join training until the fee is paid.

Training Kit such as flippers, Goggles, net bags etc. can be purchased via the club website.
If you need advice, please call me on the number below.
See attachment regarding training equipment.
Lost property
We do not have a facility for lost property. 
If a swimmer leaves an article poolside or in the changing room it is their responsibility.
Under no circumstances are parents to contact the respective school as this really annoys them.
If the Coach poolside finds an article with a name clearly marked, it is their prerogative if they wish to hang on to it until they next see the swimmer.
At the end of each training session, swimmers should ask themselves, “do I have all my equipment”?

Once a swimmer reaches Alpha Squad, we request that they get themselves changed both prior to and after training.Parents should only enter the changing area as a very last resort. 
Parents must spectate from upstairs ay all venues unless instructed otherwise.
Swimmers may attend designated sessions on a flexible basis. You do not need to nominate sessions. Part sessions are not permitted.
Swimmers must be poolside a full 10 minutes prior to session start time. This time should be spent stretching and preparing for the warmup.
Swimmers should ensure they shower and use the toilet prior to all training sessions. 
Toilet breaks are not usually permitted except for sessions lasting longer than one hour in duration.
Swimmers must have correct training equipment (clearly marked with their name) plus a drink in a suitable plastic container.
Box Hill swim hats to be worn by all swimmers at all training sessions. Wearing of watches, fitbits or jewellery is banned.
Parents are kindly requested not to come poolside or distract their children during training sessions. 

Dog walking etc.
During the time your child is training, please spectate from the gallery, take a seat outside in the sunshine/rain/snow or nip home. Please do not walk the dog, play ball games or use the school grounds for any other activity. This rule applies to all school venues used by Box Hill Swim Team.

Contact info

For general enquiries contact Conrad Cawley FISC

Tel:  07813 355525
Email:  conradcawley@boxhillswimteam.com

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