Swim Technique

Swim Technique - 121 Coaching

Practice does not make perfect – Perfect practice makes perfect.

Three of the most important components of swimming are: technique, technique, technique. Learn to balance, align, and stabilize your body and everything else will become easier.

The efficiency of your technique will ultimately limit the speed that you swim at – no matter how many metres you put in at the pool.

Swimmers can remain on a plateau for years without any significant improvement unless they undertake to re-develop the technique that is programmed in their brain!

121 Swim Technique coaching – 30 minute sessions using proven techniques that will help you enhance your stroke, help you learn to swim more effectively and ultimately… swim faster!

Ages 9 years and up!

121 Venue: St Teresa’s School Effingham Surrey KT24 5PN

NB. SatNav users will be directed via the single track High Barn Road/Dog Kennel Lane! Please avoid this and use Beech Avenue which runs parallel.