Swim Team welcomes swimmers of all abilities. Training is at your own pace at all levels. Alpha JUNIOR – Ages 9-11/12 YEARS Sigma SENIOR – Ages 11/12-17 YEARS

Contact Conrad on 07813 355525 or info@boxhillswimteam.com

Swim Kids is the perfect introduction to the water for kids aged 3 up.
Fun activites & small classes, they are guaranteed to learn a love of swimming!

Contact Bryndis at bryndis@boxhillswimteam.com

Children aged 10 -14 years who like swimming but do not wish to commit to more than one session each week. Fun, friendly and enjoyable.

Contact Bryndis at bryndis@boxhillswimteam.com

About Box Hill Swim Team

Box Hill Swim Team is a relatively young club founded in January 2005 by former International and Olympic Coach Conrad Cawley FISC.
Unlike many swimming clubs Box Hill does not have a home and uses several school pools in and around Guildford.
Box Hill Swim Team has a certain philosophy that is more important than winning – the development of swimmers.

2022 Box Hill Swim Team became Competitive-Lite. This means competition is limited to open meets and Club Championships.
Any swimmer achieving County qualifying times will have the option of joining another swimming club.

Proud To Be Different

Our motto is “Semper Diversus” – which means “Always Different”.

What makes us different is that we take the time with swimmers from a young age to ensure they swim using the correct technique. Our purpose is to teach and coach all swimmers regardless of ability and help them achieve realistic goals.

Work With Us

Box Hill SC is a fantastic place to teach or coach swimming. We are always looking for people who are keen to embrace the Box Hill way and join us poolside.

If you are interested in working in a friendly enviroment alsongside some great people then get in touch.

Contact Conrad on 07813 355525 info@boxhillswimteam.com or Bryndís at bryndis@boxhillswimteam.com

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Our club kit is sold by Kit Kabin. Please click to visit their site. This DOES NOT include swim hats -->



We offer our own club design of swim hats which are available to order online here



We are members of Swim England, the national governing body for swimming in England.



To avoid any confusion, review our terms and conditions which cover all aspects of the club.